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«Oh! Balbobia» is CGI agency based in Germany and Russia, helping VFX studios, gaming companies and startups with deep tech innovative characters jobs.

Fitting your budget, we are available for hire as a team or as individuals. Additionally, we are providing HR services finding suitable professionals within our network.


Team Lead & Team Builder, recruiter for custom client's projects. 15 years in CGI & design. I providing general communication and smooth pipelines. Degree in architectural design. Own holistic approach in Digital.


18 years in CG tech & 3D. TD position for about 10 years in animation company. Rigger TD, maya pipeline TD.


13 years in 3D, and about 9 years of work in cartoon production studio. Rigging master.


Grooming TD, character artist with experience 10+ yrs in modeling, compositing and VFX. Degree in Physics and Astrophysics. Autodesk awarded artist.


8+ years CG art-director in cartoon animation and games industry. Got a degree in fine arts in 1988. Artistic quality Supervizor in our team.


Solution guy in our team. Visionaire of Digital markets & CGI TD 13 yrs. Former generalist at Mercedes.


Digital & non-Digital Artist in one person. Houdini generalist in our team.